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VIND is a group of five musicians who refuse to be limited by common genre labels.
In their collaborative and nuanced playing, they uncompromisingly express their musicality,
combining Baroque with jazz, jazz with pop, and pop with Baroque.
Whether as a band or in crossover projects with larger ensembles, including the Aachen
Symphony Orchestra and Concerto Stella Matutina, VIND works intensively to create an
aesthetically unique musical language from their profound knowledge of historical material and
their simultaneous immersion in contemporary music. Baroque song forms like colasciones and
passacaglias are deconstructed and transformed into modern pop songs, jazz compositions
suddenly sound like lament arias, and new original compositions blend the best of both worlds.
The acoustic instrumentation, featuring Winnie Brückner on vocals, Herbert Walser-Breuss on
trumpet and flugelhorn, Thor-Harald Johnsen on lutes, guitars, and theorbo, and Florian King on
double bass, is complemented by electronic manipulation and sound loops, transforming it into a
contemporary sound. Tobias Steinberger’s masterful percussion and frame drum playing adds
pulsating grooves to the sound, while always remaining faithful to the Baroque tradition.
VIND draws upon music from many centuries, creating a new and brilliantly imagined genre.

Winnie Brückner – vocals
Herbert Walser- Breuss – trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics
Thor Harald Johnssen – lutes, guitars, theorbo
Florian King – double bass
Tobias Steinberger – framedrums, drums, percussion


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